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4 Reasons Why Outsourcing Social Media is Right for Your Company

by Sarah Wetzel | May 31, 2017

Outsourcing. You wouldn't be the only one to say this word with a bit of fear. Its previously negative perception has dramatically improved in our now technology-driven, cost-efficient, and process-smart world. Now more than ever, companies are deciding that outsourcing is the best way to grow their business. Scalability, cost efficiency and global coverage are just a few reasons why companies turn to outsourcing for many of their business needs.

Social media outsourcing is still relatively new in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies, but some (like 5CA) have already added this service to their offering and are proving its success year after year. Most of the time, companies are just getting to know how to offer customer service through social media, so when a BPO partner like 5CA can step in and help set that up, they're very grateful. We also see companies that aren't quite big enough to house their own social media support team seek out an outsourcing partner who can do the job.

So how do you know if outsourcing social media is right for your company? I've included some key signs that might indicate an outsourcing partner would benefit your company's social media efforts.

1. Your social media followers are asking for support, but you can't provide it.

This is a pretty obvious one, but sometimes we just take these cases with a grain of salt. If someone (especially multiple someones) writes to you on Facebook asking for warranty support with their gadget, and you aren't able to help them out, this is a key indicator that social media support might be the right move for your company. Outsourcing this service comes in handy when you aren't sure how to create a strong support structure on social media, since BPOs are well-experienced in setting these things up. They also have a pool of social media experts that can do the job for you, and your team can concentrate on creating amazing content instead.

2. Your customer support is already outsourced.

If your company already has an outsourcing partner that manages your support volume, it makes sense to also ask them to handle your social media support volume. All of your customer support processes are already well-defined, and it's pretty easy to throw social into the mix. Social media is now one of the most common customer service channels (58 percent of businesses use social media as part of their customer care programs), so if your outsourcing partner doesn't offer this, it might be time to look for a new one.

3. Your social media customers are everywhere.

When your customers are seeking social media support, they're also expecting pretty good response times. 52 percent of customers tweeting at your brand expect a reply within one hour, and if it's a complaint that rises to 72 percent.

However, no one likes having to work at 10 pm on a Friday night. It's not an easy task building a social media support team that can work during weeknights or weekends, but when you outsource you can get access to a pool of customer service and social media experts from all over the world, speaking many languages, at any time of the day. 

social media customers timezones


4. You're redirecting your customers to other channels for support.

This is a huge red flag that might be telling you you're in need of some help. Redirection is one of the worst customer experiences, but unfortunately only 36% of consumers who use social media for customer support reported having their issue resolved quickly and effectively, according to Incite's State of Social Customer Service report. If you're redirecting your social media followers to contact support, you're not alone. Take a look at some of the largest brands in the world redirecting their customers:

redirection - uber.png


redirection - huawei.png



It just makes sense to save these customers some time and effort by supporting them right then and there on the channel they chose. If you see a lot of this on your own Facebook page, you might want to consider offering social media customer support. And if that's not something you can manage to do internally, talk to an expert to see if outsourcing is the right move for you.


Sarah Wetzel

Sarah Wetzel

Social Media Project Manager Sarah works from our Buenos Aires office, with a wealth of knowledge on how to make the customer experience shine on social media. When she's not busy tweeting or reading up on Facebook's latest algorithm changes, she's working with our clients to create a seamless flow of information from the customer to the product developers themselves through effortless customer experience. She enjoys long walks in the park with her fur child and coffee.

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