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Virtual Reality Customer Support

by Bart Kuipers | June 15, 2016

Virtual reality is really taking off this year. More and more companies are diving head-first into VR and are building VR headsets, experiences, games, and peripherals. At 5CA we expect big things from this new medium. As our expertise lies within providing Omnichannel customer support we see VR as an exciting new channel through which to provide that support. But how would that work practically?


We envision a customer support experience where anyone can get any help they need from right inside the virtual world, whether that’s a game, a virtual tour, or any other kind of experience in virtual reality. For customer support, user-friendliness and effortlessness are key. Especially when many virtual reality setups can be cumbersome and difficult to set up, having to leave the experience is potentially frustrating.

With this video, we would like to present you with our vision of customer support in the virtual world.


Bart Kuipers

Bart Kuipers

Online Marketing Specialist Bart works from the Netherlands where he’s always on the hunt for that one opportunistic keyword while tweaking his meta descriptions and obsessing over click-through-rates. When he’s not knee deep in Google Analytics data, Bart likes to unwind by going for a run or firing up the PlayStation.

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