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Infographic: 2017 Demographics of Social Media Users

by Sarah Wetzel | May 29, 2017

The average internet user has 5.54 social media profiles, and is actively engaging on 2.84 of those sites. (Source)

When social media for businesses first became a thing, many companies jumped on the bandwagon and created a page for their business on all the social media sites they could get their hands on - Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, FourSquare, Google+, YouTube, Weibo, SoundCloud… the list goes on. But does how many sites your brand is active on really influence your relationship with your customers?

Many argue that when it comes to social media for your business, it's quality over quantity. On the other hand, having a stack of social media sites allows you to hit a bunch of different demographics, versus if you were to only focus on Instagram and Snapchat, for example, where your audience is likely going to be 25 years old or younger.

The truth is, quality matters, but so does quantity. You want the quality you post on social media to be A+ work, and you also want your customers to be able to find you. Be where your customers are, and use that presence to your advantage with amazing, eye-catching content.

You might also find yourself in a situation where you have too many social media pages. If your portfolio is five or more channels and some of them aren't giving you the results you were looking for, it might be time to reconsider your presence on certain sites.

My advice: do some research on your ideal demographics of social media users and which sites they're currently active on, even if you already did this two years ago when you first started your company's social media presence. A lot can change over the course of a year, so it's important to keep your pages up-to-date on the sites that matter to your customers. And if you're just getting started with social media customer support, an important step is knowing which social media sites your target audience is using.

I've compiled some of the most important stats on social media user demographics - here's some key findings:
  • Most users on Snapchat (57 percent) are between 16 and 24 years old, many of whom can also be found on Instagram, which has 37 percent of its users in this age group.
  • High-earning customers earning more than $50,000 per year make up 77 percent of LinkedIn's users.
  • More than a third of Millennials prefer communicating with companies via messenging channels like Facebook Messenger over legacy channels (like phone or email).
  • Adults aged 35 to 49 spend an average of 7 hours a week on social media.

Social media is never stagnant, so best practice in managing your company's social media sites is to do a yearly audit of your target audience's social media activity. Try to stay away from studies from more than two years ago, so your brand doesn't miss out on some great opportunities. Check out the full 2017 infographic below for more demographics of social media users.

2017 Social Media Demographics









Sarah Wetzel

Sarah Wetzel

Social Media Project Manager Sarah works from our Buenos Aires office, with a wealth of knowledge on how to make the customer experience shine on social media. When she's not busy tweeting or reading up on Facebook's latest algorithm changes, she's working with our clients to create a seamless flow of information from the customer to the product developers themselves through effortless customer experience. She enjoys long walks in the park with her fur child and coffee.

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