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When Does it Make Sense to Outsource Customer Service?

by Bart Kuipers | February 02, 2016

Deciding to outsource customer service is a strategic decision, and one that deserves careful consideration. Outsourcing part of your business can save you costs and allows you to work with a partner company with years of experience which you yourself might lack. We’ve listed five situation where outsourcing makes perfect sense.

 Updated: 30/05/2017


Say you’re running a startup. You’re working with a small team and want to focus on your core product for the time being. While your customer base is still small you’ll be able to handle any customer service inquiries coming your way. As the number of customers grows you need more and more time to dedicate to your customers. According to research, 42% of B2C customers purchase more after a good customer experience. For B2B customers, this percentage is a whopping 62%. The quality of customer service can impact the success of your startup in its early stages. Your customer service complexity also depends on which channels you use and which languages your customer speak. If your customers are from varying countries, or you’re using multiple channels, you may want to consider outsourcing.

For any startup, receiving customer feedback is vital to improving products or services, so when you do outsource, make sure you work with a partner who passes this feedback on to you so you’re always in the loop. Here at 5CA, we offer detailed reporting packages so you never miss out on valuable customer feedback.



Your customer base may be spread out globally. For a great customer experience you’ll want customer service representatives that speak your customers’ language. If you have inquiries coming in in multiple languages with a relatively low volume for each, it makes sense to work with an outsourcing partner that can deliver shared agents. Shared agents work on multiple projects at one time meaning lower costs per project which is passed on to you as a client.

Working with shared agents allows you to cover a wide variety of languages for the same cost as hiring one agent in-house.



When it comes to customer care, each used channel is its own discipline. Social media differs greatly from phone, and e-mail is very different from chat. Each channel requires its own skill set and infrastructure. If you want to add a new channel to your customer service offering it makes perfect sense to partner up with an outsourcing party experienced in providing support on this channel. This saves you from having to invest in new infrastructure or train new agents for that specific channel.



If you expect big fluctuations in customer service volumes, it may be wise to consider working with an outsourcing partner. It makes little sense to spend internal resources on training and facilitating representatives for short periods of time. Since some outsourcing partners work with pools of shared agents these agents can be retrained to work on other projects in the case that your project’s incoming volume starts to drop. When the volume picks up again, the number of agents can easily be scaled up making sure no calls go unanswered.



Working as a customer service agent requires a certain skill set. You’ll want to make sure that the people directly interacting with your customers are great at what they do and can be trusted to represent your company. When you work with a partner experienced in hiring customer service representatives you can rest assured that they know what to look for in any new hire.

In all fairness, we’re a little biased towards customer service outsourcing. We’ve been an outsourcing partner for some major players in gaming and tech for nearly two decades. If you have any questions about customer service outsourcing, or if you’d like to request a quote, please feel free to contact us.


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Bart Kuipers

Bart Kuipers

Marketing Lead Bart works from the Netherlands where he’s always on the hunt for that one opportunistic keyword while tweaking his meta descriptions and obsessing over click-through-rates. When he’s not knee deep in Google Analytics data, Bart likes to unwind by going for a run or firing up the PlayStation.

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