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Why customer service is key to delivering great CX

Apr 25, 2019

Customer experience (CX) must be one of the most popular catchphrases being used by businesses today. Companies are embracing the idea and investing in creating a strong customer experience, which...

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Are you really listening to your customers?

Apr 11, 2019

The most successful companies make listening and understanding their customers a vital part of their business strategy. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, the reality is different. In a time...

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How to hire your first customer service representative

Apr 04, 2019

Your company is rapidly growing, and it is time to hire your first customer service representative; this will be the first person at your company who will be completely customer-focused. The work is...

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GDC 2019 Wrap-Up

Apr 02, 2019

This year’s GDC was record-breaking: Over 29,000 developers descended upon San Francisco for a week of sharing, learning, networking, and of course, fun! From the huge list of top-notch talks to...

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Starting small with analytics: A little data goes a long way

Mar 28, 2019

Back when I lived in London, it was a very exciting time every year when the big department stores lit their Christmas lights on Oxford Street. Catching a double-decker bus in the evenings, sitting...

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The 7 most common customer service outsourcing myths

Mar 19, 2019

Working in customer service outsourcing, I have experienced some resistance, mostly due to misconceptions regarding the practice. There are a lot of myths out there stopping companies who could...

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Who is responsible for employee development?

Mar 13, 2019

A few years ago, after over twenty years working in the Customer Service Industry, I crazily returned to university and completed my master’s degree in HRM, where my final thesis focused on linking...

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3 Quick Tips for Creating Great Player Experiences

Mar 11, 2019

With the rising cost of user acquisition, never has considering the full Player Experience been so critical to success. By understanding the holistic player journey, from install to churn out and/or...

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Customer Service Terms: The only glossary you will ever need

Mar 06, 2019

If you are new to customer service you probably already realized that the industry has its own set of terms. Some of them are pretty straight forward but, others can seem like a whole other language.

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