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Quick Tip: Using Your Social Media Channels to Mitigate Support Tickets

by Tara J. Brannigan | June 10, 2019

It’s Saturday night, and there’s a server issue that’s affecting tens of thousands of your players. Hundreds of customer support tickets are coming in by the minute. The issue will be resolved in the next few hours, but until such time, your players will continue to experience disconnections and lost progress. What do you do?



Well if you’ve planned for this scenario, you quickly leverage your social media channels to communicate the status out to your player audience. Being able to quickly inform your community of a widespread issue is critical to mitigating high ticket volumes and ease player frustration. When used effectively, your social media channels play a frontline role in communicating known issues to your community and drastically reducing your support ticket volumes.

So, how do you get started?

#1: Convince Your Team(s)

If control of your social media channels is already part of your team, great! Step one done!

However, if your company is structured like many, your social media team is part of your Marketing department. In this instance, your first step needs to be aligning with this team and come to an agreement on how and when to use these channels. In many cases, this will mean aligning with your community manager(s) and/or social media manager(s) and having a clear understanding of who does what and in what instance.


#2: Create a Plan

Once you’ve got that sorted, it’s time to create a plan! Don’t worry, this doesn’t need to be overly complex, just a basic workflow that ensures your teams are on the same page and know who to contact when things go sideways.

Start by asking:

  • At what point does an issue qualify for posting to social media?
  • What sort of issues will you post about?
  • What sort of issues will you refrain from posting about?
  • Which channels?
  • Who creates the messaging?
  • Who is responsible for posting the messaging?
  • Is there standard messaging you can prepare in advance for possible issues?
  • If they’re not available, who is the next person to contact? And if they’re not available?
  • How do you follow up once the issue has been resolved?

#3: Go Forth!

With any luck, you won’t need to put this into action frequently. Now that you’re prepared, on the rare occasion, you run into a ticket explosion, you’re better prepared to mitigate ticket volumes using your social media channels. Done well, this sort of timely communication and follow up can save your team thousands of ticket contacts and player frustration. While players may be frustrated at not being able to play the game temporarily, they usually appreciate being proactively notified that there is an issue, that the game team is aware of it, and that there will be another message posted when it’s safe to play again.


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Tara J. Brannigan

Tara J. Brannigan

Tara is the Community Lead, and one of several Client Service Managers at 5CA. In addition to having an overly long job title, Tara is a US expat living in the Netherlands. She spends her free time playing video games, posting too many cat pics on Twitter, reading, and making jewelry.

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