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Starting small with analytics: A little data goes a long way

by Anton Hendriks | March 28, 2019

Back when I lived in London, it was a very exciting time every year when the big department stores lit their Christmas lights on Oxford Street. Catching a double-decker bus in the evenings, sitting in the front row on the upper deck and viewing all the sparkling lights was always a magic moment.


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And in January after all the festivities were over, those same department stores published their sales figures and reality sunk back in. Each year, this was the same story as well. One department store, John Lewis, managed to beat previous years’ numbers while most others like House of Fraser and Marks and Spencer had to make do with diminishing sales.

The reason why? Great customer service. It’s probably the worst kept secret in Britain that if you have a problem with an item you’ve bought at John Lewis, they’ll fix it, hassle-free. In other stores, you’d be hard pressed to find similar customer care.

In this little anecdote, sales data shows that customer service works and is the driver for growth. Unfortunately, this anecdote is an exception. Most customer service departments are very big on operational data and are able to describe exactly what their agents do from minute to minute. However, they have a hard time proving that customer service actually works, let alone that it’s the source of success.

While every support department sends out a customer satisfaction survey, most companies find it very difficult to calculate customer service ROI. There are a lot of disconnected data sources and analysts can’t be bothered to work on something as mundane and unexciting as customer service. They are hard at work optimizing sales prices and tweaking performance marketing spend.

But why not start much simpler? Take a little bit of data from your CRM and sales systems and have a look at who these customers you’re servicing actually are. What you’ll find is that they are the most loyal and the biggest spending segment of your customer base. They are the ones that keep coming back if you treat them well and they will tell their friends. They are the driver behind your growth! And if you take this information to your CEO, I’m sure that your company can deliver the same magic as the Christmas lights on Oxford Street every day.

If you need help turning your support data into actionable insights, reach out to one of our consultants. We can help you find the right data to collect and build a reporting solution for your customer service department.


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Anton Hendriks

Anton Hendriks

Anton is the Data Science Manager and oversees everything data at 5CA. From getting a clients’ data into our Data Warehouse ready for reporting and analysis to creating advanced AI solutions, his department is ready for your next challenge. At home, most of Anton’s attention goes to his two young sons and he loves reading science fiction novels once they are finally asleep.

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