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The 7 most common customer service outsourcing myths

by Alex Mercado | March 19, 2019

Working in customer service outsourcing, I have experienced some resistance, mostly due to misconceptions regarding the practice. There are a lot of myths out there stopping companies who could benefit immensely from outsourcing their customer service. To prevent this from happening I've decided to list out the 7 most common myths I've come across and examine their truthfulness.


Facts Myths written on a chalkboard


1. Outsourcing customer service is for enterprise companies

The truth is that the majority of companies that outsource their customer support are small startups to medium size businesses. These companies have the most to gain from this practice, because by outsourcing part of their operations they can focus on their core competencies.

2. Outsourcing customer service to lower-cost countries reduces the quality

It is incorrect to assume that lower cost countries don’t have a talented workforce. You can find highly-qualified and skilled agents all over the world. The key is partnering with an outsourcing company that has a proper recruitment process allowing them to recruit and maintain talent.

3. Outsourcing customer service instantly fixes all your problems

There is no magic quick-fix cure for anything; the benefits of outsourcing will not happen overnight. It is essential to manage your expectations and to look for a partner that understands what you are trying to achieve and helps you do it.

4. Outsourcing customer service means relinquishing control of (part of) your business

Working with an outsourcer means you will no longer be managing the support team. This does not mean you won’t have a say in what goes on with the operation. Active involvement and collaboration are crucial to ensure positive results.

5. Outsourcing customer service is only ever done to cut costs

There are plenty of reasons why companies decide to outsource, and although cutting cost is among them, it should not be the main reason. If you are looking to outsource only to cut costs you might end up with a vendor that is only equipped to handle repetitive support requests. In the long run this tactic will only lower the quality of your customer service.

6. Outsourcing customer service is easy

Each company has unique needs, and there is not a template to create a quick deal. Outsourcing is an activity that requires serious planning. You will need to define your needs, do a scan to determine the status of your current operation, and find a vendor who fits your needs.

7. Outsourcing customer service is bad for branding

Poor customer support creates frustrated, distrustful customers and with the power of social media these bad service experiences no longer happen in a vacuum. Outsourcing customer service to a more experienced partner will actually improve your brand’s perception.

The truth is, customer service outsourcing can be an excellent option for companies that are trying to extend customer service’s opening hours, expand into new markets, or are looking to beef up their customer service team’s capacity.

If you are in this situation, don't get discouraged with the false myths and try looking into customer service outsourcing as a valuable option for your company.

Tell us in the comments what are other myths you've heard-of or contact us with any outsourcing requests.


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Alex Mercado

Alex Mercado

Alex works from Utrecht, which has been her home away from home for several years. Originally from Mexico, she enjoys creating content and listening to podcasts. In her spare time, she likes to cook Mexican food and play Mario Kart.

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